EUROVOLC will initiate integrating activities that will build resilient, sustained connections between the distributed and fragmented volcanological entities, foster collaboration and encourage harmonization and standardisation of data, research methodologies and products, and will develop standards for estimation and management of volcanic hazard and its communication to authorities, the public and media.

Theme 3 of EUROVOLC is centered on Sub-surface Processes. It’s main topics are:

  • Rock-magma interaction: physical and chemical signals from magma migration; chemical interaction.
  • Multidisciplinary assimilation of data. Magma Chamber. Physics and Chemistry.


  • Networking volcano geophysical and geochemical observations of sub-surface processes
  • Workshop on multidisciplinary collaboration and integration
  • Initiating access to multidisciplinary observations from the Krafla Volcano Laboratory
  • Volcano pre-eruptive detection schemes
  • Integrated modelling of pre-eruption data
  • Integration of petrological and real-time monitoring data
Transnational Accesses
  • Access to the Icelandic Volcano Observatory
  • Access to University of Iceland
  • Access to the Italian Volcano Observatories and Research Institutions
  • Access to Azores Volcano Observatory
  • Access to Guadeloupe, Martinique and Piton del la Fournaise Volcano Observatories
  • Access to the Volcano Dynamics Computational Centre
  • Physical access to on-site modelling resources and to hazard assessment tools
Virtual Accesses
  • Virtual Access to EPOS VO-TCS
  • Access to virtual diffusion modelling centre
  • Access to seismic full wavefield modelling tools
  • Virtual access to remote sensing and numerical models and simulations
  • Access to the Volcano Dynamics Computational Centre