The overall objective of this work package is to reduce the effects of the present fragmentation of the European volcanological community by forging strong communication links between the distributed volcano observatories (VO) and to establish sustained collaboration between them and leading volcanological research institutions (VRI) to facilitate swift and efficient knowledge sharing within the community. The goals of the networking activity are:

  • Building the communication and the establishment of community-backed best practices, towards the definition of a common EUROVOLC standard in volcano monitoring and research;
  • analyzing past experiences of multidisciplinary data interpretation and analysis during crises in order to learn from past experiences, and holding a workshop where case histories will be analyzed;
  • establishing links from EUROVOLC to external, international initiatives through focused meetings and sessions at international conferences.
Specific objectives are:
• Sustained collaboration between the VOs and VRIs on technical and scientific levels;
• creation of a EUROVOLC standard of best practices in monitoring and research;
• propagation of knowledge from previous and ongoing projects across the volcano community.