EUROVOLC will initiate integrating activities that will build resilient, sustained connections between the distributed and fragmented volcanological entities, foster collaboration and encourage harmonization and standardisation of data, research methodologies and products, and will develop standards for estimation and management of volcanic hazard and its communication to authorities, the public and media.

Theme 1 of EUROVOLC is centered on Community building. It is an overarching theme, whereas the other three are demonstrators of the capability of the community to impact on science and society. 

Community building is primarily the subject of the following Work Packages (WP#-title-leader):

  • WP2 – Collaboration and networking between VOs and VRIs, and with international initiatives – IMO
  • WP3 – Training, Outreach and Dissemination – INGV

Community Building Activities


  • Collaboration and networking between VOs and VRIs: meetings, workshops, including workshops with parallel Integrating Infrastructure Initiative (I3) projects.
  • Training activity (e.g. summer schools involving science from the JRIs).
  • Visiting scientists among Observatories and laboratories.
  • Engagement of stakeholders: decision makers, end users and the public (Dissemination); interaction via web and social media; contact with schools, local/national authorities and non-scientific communities.