EUROVOLC: Bringing the European volcanological community closer together

EUROVOLC Project Description

The European Network of Observatories and Research Infrastructures for Volcanology (EUROVOLC) aims at promoting an integrated and harmonized European volcanological community able to fully support, exploit and build-upon existing and emerging national and pan-European research infrastructures, including e-Infrastructures of the European Supersite volcanoes. For this purpose, EUROVOLC will carry out Networking and Joint Research activities, and offer Trans-national and Virtual Access to the main European Volcano Observatories and Volcano Research Infrastructures. These activities will address four broad transversal Themes – ‘Community building, Volcano-Atmosphere interaction, Sub-surface progress, and Volcanic crisis preparedness and risk management’ of particular interest to the overall Earth Science community.

Latest news and Announcements

First Trans-National Access Call Results

Announcing the Successful TNA Proposals Evaluation of proposals submitted to EUROVOLC’s first Trans-national Access Call in fall 2018 has been completed. The 12 research projects listed below were funded. Most of them are being carried out this summer. The second trans-national Access Call will open in July. The full list with more details is also accessible. Information

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Etna summer school on sub-surface volcanic processes

Dates: 2-6 September 2019: The school is aimed at young scientists at Ph.D and Post-Ph.D level. The participants will be selected on the basis of the relevance of the course for their current research activities. For more information, check out the Summer School page here.

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Project structure

The project is categorised into 4 main themes, containing tasks of Networking, Joint Research and Trans-national/Virtual Accesses through 25 Work Packages. To explore themes, activities and outcomes of the collaboration, press the image. 


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