Provision of access to the following infrastructure(s): Access to seismic full wavefield modelling tools (the forward simulation of seismic waves in 3D heterogeneous media) Description of the infrastructure Name of the infrastructure and installations: DIAS Installation: VolcSeisSimu Location of the infrastructure: Developed and hosted in Dublin, Ireland Web site address: Annual operating costs (excl. investment costs) of the infrastructure (€): 30,000 (including overhead) Description of the infrastructure: The infrastructure comprises a software tool for the numerical modelling of seismic wave propagation in highly heterogeneous media (including media with fractures). The tool kit also comprises starter heterogeneous volcano models. Whilst full wavefield simulators are becoming more common, a unique aspect of this tool is its ability to handle media with discrete fractures of arbitrary scale, in addition to intrinsic geological heterogeneity. Services currently offered by the infrastructure: The tool allows the user to simulate seismic wave propagation in highly heterogeneous volcano models. One of the primary interests in volcano seismology is determining volcano sources. However, because volcanoes are highly mechanically heterogeneous they significantly distort seismic wave propagation and hence the source ’fingerprint’ in seismograms is often hidden by ‘path effects’ created when the wave propagates from to the source to the seismic receiver. Using the VolcSeisSimu tool researchers can determine these propagation path effects for arbitrarily heterogeneous models and ‘deconvolve’ them from observed seismograms to better understand and constrain volcano source models. Source inversion is a highly specialised and time-consuming research area, but is critical to a better understanding of volcano seismograms in terms of source processes. Typically, 6-8 researchers/year request the software.