Description of the infrastructures:

Etna Volcano Observatory (INGV Catania Branch; OE): (i) Laboratory of sedimentology; (ii) Pool of mobile instruments; (iii) Lithotheque; (iv) Rock sampling survey; (v) Pizzi Deneri Observatory.

INGV Palermo Branch (PA): (i) Laboratories of geochemistry; (ii) Pool of mobile instruments; (iii) ‘M. Carapezza’ Volcanological centre of Vulcano.

Vesuvius Observatory (INGV Naples Branch; OV): (i) Lithotheque; (ii) Rock sampling survey.

IGG-CNR Pisa Branch (IGG): (i) Lithotheque; (ii)Laboratories of elemental and isotope geochemistry.

IGG-CNR Pavia (IGG): (i) Laboratories of elemental and isotope geochemistry.