The complexity of the project calls for a Project Office (PO) which monitors and manages all day-today administrative management and is located at the IMO. The PO is conducted by three operators; a Project Support Manager (PSM), Financial Manager (FM) and a Legal Officer (LO).
WP1 is led by the Project Support Manager (PSM) which acts as a support to the Project Coordinator (PC), Steering Board (SB) and the Consortium as a whole. Main responsibilities of WP1 are to create and update a project handbook, monitor the progress of other WPs, compile and present interim status reports and annual reports to the SB and the EU as well as to ensure that project deliverables and milestones fulfil requirements. The FM is responsible for the financial management and preparation of interim and annual finance reports, manages the internal web as well as the launching and maintenance of internal project webs. The LO coordinates and supervises the Grant Agreement and Consortium Agreement as well as providing advice on any legal matters on an ad-hoc basis throughout the project. 

WP leader: Ríkey Júlíusdóttir, geologist and Project Support Manager of EUROVOLC at IMO