1st Transnational Access Call now open


Have you ever dreamt of carrying out fieldwork in volcanic areas out of your country or to use high-tech instrumentation and labs or advanced modelling tools for modelling volcanic processes and assessing volcanic hazard?

The EUROVOLC project now launches the 1st call for Transnational Access proposals to which teams of researchers, students and other experts involved or interested in Volcanology and complementary disciplines can apply for FREE!


Application deadline has been extended to: 10 October 2018
(deadline has passed)


13 European Research Infrastructures, among which the main Volcano Observatories, will give access to more than 30 installations and facilities! 

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Transnational Access Calls (TAs)

Basic information

Research infrastructures are crucial for promoting the next future research that will be based on the paradigm of open science and open innovation. At different levels and study domains, the European research community is defining protocols to provide access to its main infrastructures, so as to foster the excellence in research as well as education and innovation. For the volcanology community, which is quite new with respect to other research disciplines, the opportunity of developing a network of accessible volcano observatories and infrastructures represents the key for interconnecting the diverse European institutions dealing with Earth Science. Indeed, the prospect to access high quality services and facilities will on one hand develop and strengthen the cooperation among the research community and on the other will allow engagement of users belonging to diverse contexts, such as academy, industry, and society in general. In this frame, EUROVOLC gives a unique opportunity to users such as researchers, academics, students, industries, for accessing volcano infrastructures in order to generate cutting-edge research, implement technological innovations, and , why not, for building new research collaborations.

EUROVOLC TAs aim at offering an unpreceded wide portfolio of access managed by worldwide, top-level research teams to the volcanological community. EUROVOLC organizes the access to the EU volcanoes in Italy, Iceland, French overseas territories, and Portugal. EUROVOLC accesses will offer the opportunity to investigate natural phenomena from field observations to interpretation of processes, and their modelling and hazard assessment. TAs are mainly based on “hands-on” accesses; in addition a few appealing remote accesses are also foreseen. TAs will offer the applicants the opportunity to access to the main EU Volcano Observatories, volcanic areas, pool of instruments, and collection of samples. Moreover, EUROVOLC will give a peculiar TA to cutting edge models that combine the excellence of the selected projects with the training activity provided by the support of skilled researchers.

EUROVOLC will launch two TA calls. The key dates for the First call are the following:

Publication date of the first call: 31 July 2018 

The application form can be accessed here

Extended deadline for proposal submission: 10 October 2018

Access period: 1 February 2019 – 30 November 2019

Practical Information

To be eligible, the Users satisfy the following conditions:

  • The Users must belong to a research institution, university, SME or industry established in an EU Member State, Associated Countries and Third Countries different from that offering the TA;
  • Access for User Teams with a majority of Users not working in a EU or associated country is limited to 20% of the total amount of units of access;
  • The access must be physical (i.e., the Users must move to the location of the infrastructure/facility required), unless the Users ask for the lithotheque services for which Remote Access to rock samples is granted;
  • The activities must be carried out during the indicated access period and in the respect of the access rules and conditions that apply to each of the infrastructures/installations/facilities offered.
  • Users must submit a project proposal, in which they have to specify the work they will to carry out and the names, nationalities, home institutions and contacts of the Users. The proposal has to be submitted by the PI only, through the specific application form:
    • 1st EUROVOLC Transnational Access Call Application Form (deadline has passed)
  • Supporting Letters are needed in the case of students.

TA to a EUROVOLC Research Infrastructure will be granted according to an ‘excellence-driven’ access mode. The procedure will be based on selection of proposals, according to a transparent and fair procedure and external evaluations, on a peer-reviewed project application basis, and according to two steps:

  • 1 Step – Technical evaluation to verify the feasibility of the project in terms of infrastructures/installations/facilities required and respect of their access conditions and logistic. The Technical evaluation is carried out by the TA provider;
  • 2 Step – Scientific evaluation performed by an International Scientific Review Panel of experts that will be based on scientific merit of the proposals and will take full notice of gender issues to strive towards increasing the presence of high qualified women in volcanology. In particular, the Panel will consider:
    • Originality and scientific quality of the proposal;
    • Quality of the methodology of data collection and analysis;
    • Impact of the results on the scientific community;
    • Innovative approach;
    • Scientific excellence of the research team;
    • Potential training aspects for new or young users;
    • Dissemination plan;
    • Risk management plan.
  • In the case of TAs to volcanic areas, considering the unpredictability in terms volcanic activity changes or environmental conditions, the applicants’ proposals should include risk management plans with field activity revision and/or alternative plans;
  • The output of each User’s project based on TAs is fundamental to document the EUROVOLC activity to the European Community. For the purpose, at the end of the research activity, each User is required to submit a detailed report and to disseminate the project results through the conventional research dissemination means (e.g. publications, talk and posters at conferences, etc.);
  • Data policies for access to the data produced during the TAs and access rules for the data of Research Infrastructures providing the TA access will be managed in the frame of the Data Management Plan of EUROVOLC. Please, read carefully the document of the statement of data access policy and data management for EUROVOLC TA projects.
  • The reimbursement of the costs is subject to the submission of the scientific report, the compliance with the Data Policy and the Confirmation of Access from the TA provider. Specific templates and forms will be provided to the approved proposals.
Application Form

After reviewing the above practical information we encourage you to apply online!. (deadline has passed)

EUROVOLC Transnational Access Privacy Statement

EUROVOLC collects personal data from participants of its Transnational Access (TA) work plan. EUROVOLC has issued a privacy statement that applies to its TA activities. EUROVOLC adheres to the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)