Field survey on Furnas volcano

Researchers from CIVISA and from the University of the Azores carried out a field survey on the 24th September 2020 to collect gases from a fumarole located at Furnas Volcano (São Miguel Island, Azores archipelago). This survey included sampling the gases through the Giggenbach methodology and aims to contribute to the best practices of sampling gases in hydrothermal areas (WP5, task 5.1 – EUROVOLC Project).

The collected gases were then analyzed in the gas geochemistry laboratory at the University of the Azores.

Several teams are developing similar activities, namely the IPGP (Guadeloupe) and INGV (Palermo and Osservatorio Vesuviano) for further comparison of the results obtained.

A didactic video will be soon made available showing the sampling methodology used at Furnas village fumarolic field.